HVAC controls are used to regulate the temperature of your home. Modern HVAC control systems use electronic signals for communication. Traditional pneumatic systems use air pressure to perform control functions. The newer pneumatic systems offer fewer advantages than the traditional models. If you want to learn more about HVAC controls, read Computrol’s newsletter.

In modern systems, the air is routed through a network of ducts to different areas of the house. This air is then used for heating, cooling, or humidity control. Unlike traditional systems, these modern systems do not require extensive renovations or duct installations. They also use inconspicuous vents to move air throughout the home.

HVAC systems are highly specialized, and the professionals who install and service them have extensive training and certification. While simple tasks, like changing filters, can be done by a homeowner, full installations and repairs are best left to licensed HVAC contractors. These jobs require many different skills, including metalwork, carpentry, and specialized equipment.

HVAC systems are crucial for your home. In addition to heating and cooling, they may include ventilation systems, humidifiers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. These devices are controlled by a thermostat, which may be conventional or smart. Smart thermostats can send alerts to homeowners when a set temperature has been reached. They can also share diagnostic data with a qualified HVAC contractor.

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