HVAC systems are complex devices that utilize a number of moving parts to regulate temperature and humidity in the home or office. They also purify the air to protect people from dangerous chemicals. HVAC systems are a vital part of modern living. A good HVAC system will keep the temperature of a room comfortable, while at the same time keeping the room cool in the summer.

An HVAC system can be divided into two parts: a heating system and a cooling system. The former system introduces fresh air into the building, while the latter removes the air that is already inside the building. The fresh air is delivered through two duct systems or fans. The outside air is filtered to remove dust and debris. The latter system makes use of an energy recovery system to reduce energy loss. It exhausts warm air outside and draws in cool air, thereby allowing the HVAC system to function more efficiently.

A heating and air conditioning system can be combined with window air conditioning units or can operate separately for different parts of the house. This way, an HVAC system can provide comfortable temperatures and humidity throughout a building. It also improves indoor air quality.

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